We are here for you to make it happen. We are a team of travel experts and yoga teachers that want to help other teachers like you giving you the knowledge and support to have a wonderful retreat anywhere in the world. 

We will do the work for you... We will have our team looking for the best flights for you and your group, arranging all accommodations and transportation, helping you shape your tour to fit your people and co-hosting the tour with you. 

If you do not have enough students to fill a whole retreat we will help you fill it, through our 10,000 strong email database and 50,000 social media.

We are here for you all the way, simply send us a message with your info and we will take it from there.

All yoga teachers get 10% off of all our trips, come and experience with us the places, try our accommodations, our guides, our vans, our tours and you will be ready to lead a retreat by yourself with our support.